Econo-Vac Vacuum Former, 120C AC, High Powered

Manufacturer: Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Co.
Product #: 80186
Warranty Labor: 6 Months Labor Warranty
Warranty MFG: 1 Year Warranty
Voltage: 120V

High Performance System Dual-stage electric vacuum motor provides powerful and immediate suction… and highly accurate adaptations- no compressed air connections required! Accurate Frame and Alignment System Spring loaded, self-leveling, gasket-sealed frame handles a variety of 5 inch x 5 inch sheet materials, and the square center post assures smooth operation and guarantees alignment of frame and table. Heavy Duty Construction Solid construction for maximum durability, long life and virtually no maintenance! Convenient and Safe Design Heater hood rotates behind the center post for safety and convenience, and the compound frame closure latch helps keep the components cool to the touch during repeated use.

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