Hyperion MRT Panoramic Imager – pan only, non ceph upgradeable

Manufacturer: Cefla Dental Group
Product #: XHYPMRT
Warranty Labor: 6 Month Labor Warranty
Warranty MFG: 2 Years

With MRT there’s no need to program exposure times, kV or mA technical factors or even choose patient size. HYPERION does it all, automatically, so you can focus on what matters the most: your patient. In panoramic imaging, correct patient positioning is of utmost importance to image quality. Most equipment requires time-consuming manipulation of the patient’s head in order to adapt to predefined uncomfortable postures. HYPERION takes it the other way round: the patient stands still, while the laser guided multi-motor kinematics positions itself around your patient.
The two frontal touch-sensitive supports accompany the patient’s head into the correct position, compensating for any asymmetries thanks to independent movement of the right and left supports. The direct, frontal approach of HYPERION makes it a machine as comfortable for the dentist as it is for the patient.

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