Hyperion X7 Panoramic Imager – variabler collimator, ceph upgradable

Manufacturer: Cefla Dental Group
Product #: X70HYP0
Warranty Labor: 6 Month Labor Warranty
Warranty MFG: 2 Years

28 Imaging Programs. Free Imaging Software. Free iPad App Hyperion X7 is a sophisticated pan and ceph imager that truly brings radiography to the next level. Incorporating morpholoy recognition technology (MRT), Hyperion automatically identifies patient and arch size and all parameters required to ensure lowest X-ray exposure and maximum image quality.
Sophisticated kinematics lead to constant image magnification truthful to patient's facial features. Hyperion's advanced algorithms further contribute to supreme image quality and an unrivaled number of imaging projections - 28 in all! Panoramic, wide focus pano, bitewing, TMJ, sinus and 3DTS volumetric tomography are all included.
Suitable for single-site implant planning, Hyperion's 3DTS volumetric tomography function allows you to browse a 4cm section of 1mm thick transversal slices. Review bone availability, take reliable 1:1 measurements and use the complientary implant library to virually place an implant

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