IMax Touch 3D with Ceph and SimPlant

Manufacturer: Owandy Radiology
Product #: 9306511191
Warranty Labor: 6 Months Labor Warranty
Warranty MFG: 2 Year Warranty

The I-Max Touch 3D, the most recent addition to the Owandy range of digital imaging solutions is evolutive, simple and fast. The panoramic unit acquires 3D exams and complete panoramic exams in the wink of an eye. The cephalometric option further extends the capabilities of the I-Max Touch 3D through the acquisition of radiographies of the skull and the hand.
Now, thanks to the unique partnership between Owandy and Materialise Dental, SimPlant ® Pro software comes standard with your panoramic unit in order to offer you ... a turnkey solution: imaging, diagnosis and treatment planning!

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