MaxRay HandHeld XRay unit, Lead Infused Plexiglass Shield with 1 Battery, Charging Adapter, Carrying Bad and CD Rom in White

Manufacturer: Vector R & D
Product #: BX-3000W
Warranty Labor: 6 Months Labor Warranty
Warranty MFG: 1 Year Warranty

MaxRay offers a lightweight, truly portable, FDA approved alternative to traditional Xray machines. Weighing only 4.4lbs and offering options like a carrying case and strap, tablet PC mount, you can easily take Xrays any where and everywhere you go! This high-tech, yet simple to use alternative gives you the flexibility and convenience you need to best serve your patients. Create a fully self-contained digital system with x-rays, software, sensor and tablet. Forget to charge the battery? No sweat. Just plug in the power adapter to the nearest outlet and take continue to take x-rays completely uninterrupted. Add the optional rolling stand and remote switch and your MaxRay hand-held becomes a full featured mobile Xrray machine.

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