RXDC Extend w/ remote control, 0.7mm focal spot, 35″ (90cm) ext. arm

Manufacturer: Cefla Dental Group
Product #: XRXEX90
Warranty Labor: 6 Month Labor Warranty
Warranty MFG: 2 Years Parts
Voltage: 50/60 Hz, 115V ± 10%

RXDC eXTendCollimation counts
Higher definition, lower exposure
With a source-to-skin distance of 30 cm, achieved thanks to an embedded collimator, RXDC eXTend generates far sharper images than standard X-ray units which typically feature a parallelism significantly limited by shorter collimation.
Parallelism also reduces the irradiated surface area and, therefore, exposure.
Simple wireless control
Everything you need to obtain excellent images is contained in one handheld wireless digital control device. There are no other wall-mounted or wired control panels to worry about. No more complex programming or button-crowded panels. This portable device offers a full range of easy-to-understand exposure scenarios. Simply by selecting the region of interest, both RXDC Hypersphere+ and RXDC eXtend automatically define the correct exposure.
MyRay Multi-Mode
Fully automatic selection of the appropriate combination of kV and mA settings according to patient build and tooth region.

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