Just wanted to thank you for sending us Joe to take care of our equipment issue. He was phenomenal! Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and most importantly was able to resolve the issue rather quickly. The staff found him very easy to work with and we would DEFINITELY plan on using your tech department in the future. It was truly a great experience and I just wanted to let you know how great he was. He represents your company very well.
My best,

Williamsburg Pediatric Dental

Working with Keith is a complete pleasure.  He’s so knowledgeable when it comes to his work and he explains situations in detail for technical dummies like myself. Keith is a great asset to DC Dental. I hope he’s appreciated.

Williamsburg Pediatric Dental


Dr David Wiseman

I am happy to recommend Keith for dental service calls. I have known Keith professionally for over thirteen years. Wherever Keith was and with whomever he was working he has always been the person to contact for any and every dental service need. His knowledge of equipment and how to handle the myriad problems that can arise in a dental office is truly impressive. He has always been courteous and punctual. His concern for his clients extends beyond the typical service tech.
If you haven’t figured it out by now, DC Dental is extremely fortunate to have Keith at the company. I would not be surprised if the companies’ sales increase just from Keith’s winning attitude and low pressure approach with his customers. I for one, am considering placing supply orders through DC Dental and it is only because Keith recommends you.
His ethics are so well placed that I know anything Keith recommends is with the customer’s best interest. That level of trust is by no means automatic but has been earned and is understandably highly valued.
Good pickup hiring Keith!
Best Wishes
Dr David Wiseman

Seth Newman D.D.S

I have been working with Keith for the last five years.  Since a time like I can honestly say he’s been a pleasure to work with.  His knowledge of equipment and ability to quickly diagnose problems is impressive. Most important though is the level of service he brings.  He always makes himself available and is there when you need him. With Keith you get the whole package first class service and impressive technical skills.

Seth Newman D.D.S

Indian Falls Dental Center

– We at Indian Falls Dental Center _ have certainly grown to appreciate Matt, and his variety of talents, over the years.     –

We met him as a Service Technician. He was responsive, candid, and capable… not to mention personable and downright humorous. He always got the job done, and we had fun in the process.

In  his  other capacities, we’ve appreciated his accurate evaluations of our options, and frank recommendations. We trust Matt, and have no regrets over many years now He has dealt honestly and ethically with us. We know that if something isn’t right, Matt (and his crew) will make it right.

We enjoy dealing with Matt, and DC Dental. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.


Dave Leatherwood, DOS Adam  Price, DDS

Indian Falls Dental Center

Dr. Robert Lane Jr

“My experience with Eddie Ash has been nothing short of outstanding.  Eddie took the time to provide a

plan complete with design layouts and costing.  Mr. Ash was extremely easy to work with and completed the build out and setup on time and below budget expectations.  If the desire is to experience excellence in your dental project, I would recommend the services of Mr. Eddie Ash.  The Ash solution as I call it, provides a comprehensive start-up experience for the dental practitioner.

Dr. Robert lane Jr.”

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Garg

“Honesty in personal and professional life is the most valued trait one can have.  Eddie Ash is the kindest and most honest dental equipment representative out there.  When you need advise, he will always point you in  the right direction. He treats everyone with utmost humility and care.   He has always given me the right advise for my dental equipment needs, which has helped me save time, money, and frustrations.    I trust Eddie completely and I highly recommend him.”

yours truly,



Dr. Sandeep Kumar Garg


Bel Air Smile Partners

Over my last 30 years in dentistry, I have worked with many Service Technicians.  When I met Mick Vogel a few years ago, I knew from day one, it was going to be a pleasure to work with Mick in our office, Bel Air smile Partners.

Mick’s expertise in X-ray Inspection and Calibration has been an incredible asset to our office.  We own a lot more X-ray Equipment in our office, Bel Air Smile Partners, than the average dental office, with this being said, we fully trust Mick with keeping our X-ray Equipment in top-notch condition to  keep our office, Bel Air Smile Partners, running efficiently, 7 days a week.

Mick is an enjoyable and friendly guy and it is always a pleasure to have him work with us.

Joanie Vinkowski

Bel Air Smile Partners

Andrew Thompson, DDS

“Mick was just at my office this morning to do the annual x-ray maintenance and calibration.  As usual, he was professional and pleasant to work with.  He has a wide range of knowledge, as he helped to install our new equipment a few years ago.  Every interaction with Mick has been great and we have appreciated all of his help over the years.  We highly recommend him!!”

Klineman Dental Group


I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I have been with Larry’s work and work ethic.  I have three offices and over 20 dental chairs. I have been through many repair companies in my 20 years of practicing and Larry is someone who I will stick with!  He is honest, professional and does the best he can with what he has to work with.
Additionally, he is so polite and friendly to all of our staff.  I have nearly 50 team members and he know the names of most of them.  Larry is part of our extended family and I am honored to have him work with us.

Dr. Jon Klineman

Jeffery J. Becker, DDS, MSD, FAGD

I couldn’t be happier with the service that Larry has provided my office for equipment service and repair needs.  He’s unbelievable!
Larry’s quick response and promptness has saved our days production on several occasions. I have worked with other technicians in the past.  I now compare everyone to Larry. He has become my gold standard for great service! I cannot thank him and DC Dental enough.

Jeffery J. Becker, DDS, MSD, FAGD

Rainard Beer D.D.S

I just wanted to thank you for hiring Larry. I’ve worked with him over the last 2 years and he’s done a fantastic job!
Last month he installed 2 DentalEZ Simplicity chairs, and he was able to do so while I was having the office renovated. He coordinated delivery and removal perfectly!
His repair work on other equipment has been expertly done, and he’s always explained what he did and why. If I needed to replace a piece of equipment, he’s always given me options.
He’s the reason why I’ve purchased, and will continue to purchase, equipment and service from DC Dental. He’s the best Tech that I’ve had contact with in my 19 years at my office.

Dr.Kyle Yoon, DDS

Joe has always been very knowledgeable, helpful, and honest with his services. Anytime I have an question regarding services and/or equipment I receive prompt attention to the matter, and Joe goes out of his way to make sure I’m satisfied. When I’m having equipment installed Joe gives me an in depth run down of how to use and care for the equipment. I highly recommend Joe for all future services, he seems to take pride in his work.

Crossroads Dental Arts

We have been extremely fortunate to have Joe as a technician. He truly cares about our office and making sure that everything is running properly. When we have an emergency he always comes very quickly because he knows how important it is that we are fully functional. Joe has gone out of his way to explain how and why our equipment works to all of the employees at Crossroads dental Arts. Over the years we have had many companies that have come to our office; we have never had anyone that we knew we could depend upon.

Clearly Dental

We have been using Master Technician, Joe Gelso for a few years now. We really appreciate that he is punctual, personable and honest. He does an awesome job and never gives us an excuse or a ridiculous reason why something is not working right, like other service technicians from other suppliers have. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field. We will continue to use his services and are very pleased.

Edwin Zaghi DMD

Joe and the rest of the service team at DC dental are awesome!!! Not only are they timely but are able to get us up and running with minimal delays. Recently we had an issue with a piece of equipment we recently acquired that was just out of warranty. Joe called the manufacture and was able to negotiate a discount on the needed parts. Always above and beyond!!

Dr Booker

Joe you are the 4 P’s, – Always pleasant, always prompt,  always professional, and always proficient. The service you provide is always out standing!!

Dr Booker

Samuel Wealcatch, D.D.S., P.A.

Joseph is our #1 service technician. He is as reliable as they come. Anytime we have the need for service, I text him, and he is usually there the same day. If he is close by, he is there within the hour, depending on the severity of our issue. It is so reassuring to know that our needs can be met so quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.
Debbie Berenholtz, RDH
Office Manager
Samuel Wealcatch, D.D.S., P.A.

Bel Air Smile Partners

I’ve been in the dental industry for over 30 years, and I have met many Service Technicians, from many different companies.

In all those years I have only met a few Technicians that have gone above and beyond their duties.  Joe Gelso is one such Technician that keeps our office,

Bel Air Smile Partners, running efficiently, 7 days a week.  Joe has worked side by side with our clinical staff in educating them on the use and care of our dental equipment.

He is always quick to respond to our emergency calls and offering us the use of loaner equipment to keep us operating.  Joe truly cares about our office, Bel Air Smile Partners,

he knows the staff by name and is always friendly, he also takes the time to answer our questions and concerns.  It is our pleasure to work alongside with Joe, he continues to be a huge asset to our practice.



Joanie Vinkowski

Andrew Thompson, DDS

One of most impressive aspects of DC Dental has been their outstanding service crew.  Every person that has been in my office through install, maintenance, and repair has been wonderful.  Our main service technician, Joe Gelso, is fantastic to work with.  He has a professional demeanor and has always been very responsive to any issues in the office.  His communication with us has been prompt and if there has been a problem with equipment, it is addressed very quickly, if not the same day.  It has been a pleasure to work with Joe!  Rarely will you find someone who is so personable, friendly, and competent in what they do.  He is one of the main reasons our business remains loyal to DC Dental.  Thank you Joe!

Rebecca Gecovich D.D.S

We have been using DC Dental for our equipment service needs since 2010 primarily because of Larry’s excellent customer service. Larry is prompt, courteous, professional and above all highly skilled at servicing dental equipment.  His vast expertise along with his warm, friendly attitude makes Larry an invaluable asset to my practice. I can always rest assured that any issue, big or small will be taken care of, allowing my staff and me to focus on our patients, rather than on equipment.

Drs. Cusumano and Stuver

My name is Susana Scarlet, I work at the office of Dr. Cusumano and Stuver located at Fairfax Drive, Arlington, Virginia.
I am in charge of all repairs, and I been working with Steve Menger for several years at least 10 years.
Steve Menger has been very helpful at the office of Dr. Cusumano and Stuver, the doctors and I trust him because for many years he has been keeping all our dental units and compressor working property, we know that we can count on Steve. In many emergency situations he always worked out his schedule to help us.
Besides Steve keeping all our equipment in perfect condition he has been helping me to get a portable dental unit and a chair that I can use it when I am going on a missions to provide dental care for those in need.
Steve Menger Is a person to be trusted and the doctors and the staff feel so blessed having Steve as part of our team.

Susana Scarlet Sandoval.
Dental Assistant.
Drs. Cusumano and Stuver

Richard Fischer, DDS, FAGD

Steve Menger has been servicing and repairing my office’s dental equipment for many years. He has always been very quick in responding to our calls, and has proven to be extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional. We have been so impressed by his reliable service that we have switched to buying all our dental supplies to DC Dental as well.


Richard Fischer, DDS, FAGD   (Annandale, Va)

H. Brett Friedman D.D.S.

I have known Tracy Wingerd professionally for over 16 years.   He has bailed me out of more tough situations than I can count.  I will always remember the day he went above and beyond when I first bought my practice.   I was faced with days of lost production due to a chair that suffered an electrical fire.  He worked his magic and in no time I was up and running with a replacement chair.  From that day until now I have considered him to be a vital asset to my practice.  His skills and knowledge of dental  equipment is vast and detailed but for me Tracy is more than a great service technician—he is a trusted adviser, a mechanical genius and most importantly, a good friend.

Brett Friedman D.D.S.

Union Dental Center

& Towson Smile Care

John Little DDS

I would like to take the time to express our appreciation for our service tech Tracy.  Tracy has been with us for many years and the doctors would never think of using anyone else because of his work ethics and honesty.  He continues to come immediately when called out for service.  Tracy truly cares about what he does and the offices he services.

Carolyn Natkie

Dr Little’s office

David L. Fox D.D.S

I would like to bring to y our attention how pleased I am with your dental technician, Tracy Wingerd.

I have known Mr. Wingerd many years and not only is he extremely knowledgeable,  but works in a very professional manner , all the while being very friendly and courteous.

I feel that Mr. Wingerd is a true asset to your organization.


David L. Fox  D.D.S

Larry Bowers, DDS

I’ve been following John Kelly around from company to company now for at least 15 years.  From Patterson to Benco and now DC Dental (and maybe some others in-between),  John’s exceptional installation and repair experience has been a big factor in my decisions about where I buy my equipment. Because the equipment is the same no matter who I buy it from.  Who installs and maintains it makes all the difference.   When we put in new equipment, it’s done right the first time.  And the old DC townhouse my office is located in has given him some real challenges.  When something breaks down, he gets us back on line in a hurry.  When I have to make equipment purchasing decisions he’s one of the first people I talk to.  What works, what stays working, what’s worth spending extra for, and what isn’t.  In all the time we’ve worked together he has never steered me wrong. Maybe because if we put in something that doesn’t work, he’s the one we’ll keep calling!

John is one of those people who has taken a lot of the headaches out of running my practice, and peace of mind about purchases and repair is a wonderful thing.


Larry Bowers, DDS


Kenneth A. Ingber, D.M.D., P.C

“Running a busy, successful dental office is no easy task, and the last thing any business owner wants to deal with is broken equipment and similar repairs. That being said, our experience with John Kelly at DC Dental has been an ongoing confidence in his reliability, expertise, and friendliness.

DC Dental has been great about making sure we get the same technician whenever possible to respond to our calls in a timely fashion, and he is thoroughly familiar with our equipment. He’s been with us through emergency repairs, renovation, expansion, and regular maintenance.

While repairs are stressful, our maintenance calls are efficient, simple, and effective. While we don’t look forward to needing to call him, we always look forward to seeing John.”

Angie Chamberland
Office Manager

Kenneth A. Ingber, D.M.D., P.C

Essence Dental Care

Essence Dental Care has been dealing with John Kelly from DC Dental since 2009.  John goes above and beyond when it comes providing exceptional customer service.  He is prompt at answering service calls even on his days off.  His commitment to us as a customer is a major reason on why we use DC Dental.  He saves the day every time he walks through our doors.

Laura Robles-Cruz
Office Manager
Essence Dental Care


Ernest Fontaine DDS

Technician, Brian Rhoads, from Dc Dental always goes above and beyond to meet our offices scheduling needs. We always receive explanations of repairs that enable the office to make informed decisions as repairs are evaluated. Brian is very detailed in his explanations and does his very best to make sure we understand the repairs. Our trust is always placed with Brian to complete his tasks in a timely fashion and our schedule is not interrupted. He is very professional at all times with the staff. We would highly recommend Brian for your office repair needs.

Ernest Fontaine DDS

John Cooper D.M.D

We have been using Brian from DC Dental for several years now. We were unhappy with service from another company and he was recommended to the office. We are very pleased with his knowledge and expertise in repairing our equipment. He is always on time and professional and if we have a true emergency he gets to our office quickly. Brian takes care of our small repairs to large ones and its fixed right the first time. We are happy to have him in our area.

Dr John Cooper, Jr. and Staff

Dr Ryan Mayo

I wanted to take an opportunity to share some kind words about your employee, Keith Dill. It is very difficult today to find someone as diligent and trustworthy as Keith. Everyday in dentistry, I repair things. The best solution to the myriad of problems we treat is not always replacement at the greatest expense. It is no secret that complete replacement of anything is the most profitable for any business. However, these “solutions” are not always necessary. We recently had one of our x-ray arms breakdown. After having been told we needed a circuit board replacement, we proceeded with the repair from another company. Upon install the board immediately fried. We were told we may not be responsible for the cost of another board but really we needed to consider replacement of the ENTIRE UNIT! We then called Mr. Dill who was able to discover a wire which had become disconnected. The wire has been repaired and the unit is functioning to full capacity. While I am aware that selling a new unit would be better for the repair company…I feel like this is telling anyone with a cavity that they need a ct scan, extraction, bone graft, implant and crown instead of a filling. People like Keith Dill are hard to find in today’s world. Thank you for such excellent service.
Dr. Ryan C. Mayo

Smiles on Trindle

I would like to tell you how terrific Brian Rhoads is.  He has immeasurable knowledge.  He is so pleasant and nothing is too much for him to take on.  He is so accommodating.  I don’t know what we would do without him.  Brian is one of the main reasons we will always be loyal to DC Dental.


Stephanie Kreiner

Office Manager

Smiles on Trindle Dental Care