Eddie Ash

Eddie Ash

Equipment Sales

Eddie Ash is an Equipment Specialist at DC Dental. Specializing in all aspects of Dentist Starting Up New Practices, Expansions, Relocations and Renovations. Implementing Ergonomics and clinical workflow efficiencies by the use of Technology, Equipment and Software products. Eddie has over 35 years experience and has personally assisted over 300 Dentist start up new practices. Eddie is currently working on a Project Management program (TPI); whereby the Dentist can use a cloud based project management system to manage the entire process of opening up their new practice. When you can pry Eddie away from his work; you will find him enjoying his family, church and friends.

What People are Saying

Dr. Robert Lane Jr

“My experience with Eddie Ash has been nothing short of outstanding.  Eddie took the time to provide a

plan complete with design layouts and costing.  Mr. Ash was extremely easy to work with and completed the build out and setup on time and below budget expectations.  If the desire is to experience excellence in your dental project, I would recommend the services of Mr. Eddie Ash.  The Ash solution as I call it, provides a comprehensive start-up experience for the dental practitioner.

Dr. Robert lane Jr.”

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Garg

“Honesty in personal and professional life is the most valued trait one can have.  Eddie Ash is the kindest and most honest dental equipment representative out there.  When you need advise, he will always point you in  the right direction. He treats everyone with utmost humility and care.   He has always given me the right advise for my dental equipment needs, which has helped me save time, money, and frustrations.    I trust Eddie completely and I highly recommend him.”

yours truly,



Dr. Sandeep Kumar Garg