Mick Vogel

Mick Vogel

Service Technician

With over 18 years in the dental service industry, Mike Vogel handles all of DC Dental’s Maryland x-ray inspections and installations. He has certified training with Tuttnauer, Air Techniques, Adec and DentalEZ. New challenges within servicing dental offices keeps Mick on his feet and in the end he keeps the doctor happy and the office running. His dental service specialty is x-rays inspections to keep the dental offices up to par with state of Maryland certifications. Mick is originally from Plattsburg, NY and currently resides in Rosedale, MD with his wife and 3 year old son.

What People are Saying

Bel Air Smile Partners

Over my last 30 years in dentistry, I have worked with many Service Technicians.  When I met Mick Vogel a few years ago, I knew from day one, it was going to be a pleasure to work with Mick in our office, Bel Air smile Partners.

Mick’s expertise in X-ray Inspection and Calibration has been an incredible asset to our office.  We own a lot more X-ray Equipment in our office, Bel Air Smile Partners, than the average dental office, with this being said, we fully trust Mick with keeping our X-ray Equipment in top-notch condition to  keep our office, Bel Air Smile Partners, running efficiently, 7 days a week.

Mick is an enjoyable and friendly guy and it is always a pleasure to have him work with us.

Joanie Vinkowski

Bel Air Smile Partners

Andrew Thompson, DDS

“Mick was just at my office this morning to do the annual x-ray maintenance and calibration.  As usual, he was professional and pleasant to work with.  He has a wide range of knowledge, as he helped to install our new equipment a few years ago.  Every interaction with Mick has been great and we have appreciated all of his help over the years.  We highly recommend him!!”