Matthew Bellmyer

Matthew Bellmyer

Equipment Sales

Matt Bellmyer started as a sub-contactor for Adec installing government installations including the Veteran’s Hospital of Baltimore. After that, Matt was hired as a private sector for Benco Dental and was the second satellite installer hired outside of Benco’s Wilkes-Barre, PA area. In 1991, he was awarded the “Installer of the Year” in the Southern Region. He then became the project coordinator technician for the next eight years before joining Henry Schein. Matt was a Service Technician for Henry Schein which then became Sullivan-Schein. Matt realized that he wanted to interact with his customer base on more than just the technical aspect of the business, so he started his own business while working for Accubite as  an independent representative. Matt joined DC Dental in 2010 and is currently the Equipment Specialist for the MD, DC and VA areas. Matt is a seasoned professional and has certified training with Adec, Newberg, Oregon and many other manufacturers. Matt resides in Joppa, MD with his wife and has three children; Nicole, Matthew and Zachary.

What People are Saying

Indian Falls Dental Center

– We at Indian Falls Dental Center _ have certainly grown to appreciate Matt, and his variety of talents, over the years.     –

We met him as a Service Technician. He was responsive, candid, and capable… not to mention personable and downright humorous. He always got the job done, and we had fun in the process.

In  his  other capacities, we’ve appreciated his accurate evaluations of our options, and frank recommendations. We trust Matt, and have no regrets over many years now He has dealt honestly and ethically with us. We know that if something isn’t right, Matt (and his crew) will make it right.

We enjoy dealing with Matt, and DC Dental. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.


Dave Leatherwood, DOS Adam  Price, DDS

Indian Falls Dental Center