Technology-MainDC Dental offers a unique experience for those interested in a “Total Digital Solution”. Our philosophy is to provide choices which allow our customers to customize the available resources to meet their particular practice needs. We have selected products which represent “Best In Class” whether it be the Practice Management Software, Computer Hardware and Software or Digital Imaging products that all work in harmony with each other. All systems are designed, integrated and installed with ongoing IT services by our team of IT professionals.

DC Dental offers a single point of contact to facilitate and introduce you to the digital environment for convenience and ease of use. Our digital products, processes and services are designed to optimize clinical workflows between provider, staff and patients, boosting productivity and your bottom line. Digital technologies can deliver extreme precision and restoration accuracy to provide your patients with superior quality of care. Same day dentistry and digital impressions will allow for happier patients as well as lowering your practice overhead by not using impression materials, temporary crowns or models for most cases.

PracticeManagementThe XLDent practice management system takes advantage of the latest in software development and design tools to provide you with the most intuitive, robust and easy-to-use dental program available. XLDent automates key business processes and ensures dental teams have the tools they need to manage their practice more profitably and efficiently.

XLDent offers dental practice management software including dental imaging software, digital dental record management, dental tablet software and electronic health records software.

XLDent features anatomically correct tooth charts, realistic restoration graphics, periodontal exams and progress notes. The innovative treatment chart is customizable for any clinician and allows for all information to be displayed on one screen for easy viewing and access.

Within XLDent, the XLCheckIn is a powerful tool that facilitates patient check in and form completion via a Tablet PC. Patients can securely complete health history and other forms through an intelligent document center that automatically knows when each form type is due for an update to make your job that much easier. Patients can also complete forms online from their home or office via a secure patient portal. XLNotify will make communication simple with instant messaging. Send a message to a single person, a group of people or workstations, or broadcast your message throughout the entire office. Another feature within XLDent is XLTimeclock which will automate the process of recording employee time.

With XLDent, you have the keys to unlock future opportunities and a business partner committed to your success. The XLDent Suite is the first and only suite of dental software products designed for Tablet PC and wireless technologies to help you achieve a seamless workflow at every point of patient care.

LasersDC Dental works closely with Zolar to bring you immaculate dental lasers that keep patients comfortable.The Photon Diode Laser is extremely gentle and provides faster healing and no pain for your patients. The Photon offers a large LCD touch screen menu with customizable and preset settings to insure a fast learning curve. It comes with a wireless foot pedal and disposable tips to make cleaning a breeze. The Photon series is FDA approved and features a Multilingual Interface that makes it acceptable to a large number of audiences. The portable power module is a huge benefit as it can work wirelessly for 3.5 to 4 hours with battery back-up making usage a whole lot easier. The Photon Laser is a surgical dental device, intended for use in a wide range of oral soft tissues and tooth whitening procedures. This dental medical technology of using dental diode lasers to cure gum inflammations and infections is highly recommended as a reliable and instant cure for most periodontal ailments.

The Photon Plus Dental Diode Laser is a surgical dental device, intended for use for excision, incision, coagulation, removal of fibroma, granulation tissue, soft tissue crown lengthening, canker sores, bleaching, tooth decay, discolorations and oral soft tissue dental procedures.

ScannersDC Dental offers the latest and greatest in digital impression solutions. The 3Shape TRIOS is a digital impression solution that solves many problems in the office as well as making workflow much more efficient. The TRIOS will provide accurate impressions from the start while additionally giving dentists all of the advantages of modern digital technologies. Getting an accurate restoration through conventional impression taking can be challenging. Inconsistent quality of the impression too often leads to retakes, inferior clinical and esthetic results, and increased need for adjustments during seating. TRIOS is a multifunctional digital tool for dentists that creates 3D digital impressions, measures color shades of teeth, and takes intraoral HD photos for case documentation. All of this case information is then transferred to your preferred lab for designing and manufacturing restorations of the highest quality and fit. TRIOS saves time and provides a better experience - for you and your patients.

As with all of your dental equipment, your digital impression solution should fit in smoothly with your office’s existing tools and established procedures. TRIOS is designed to integrate with your practice management system and to support your office’s workflows.

DC Dental will help you choose the right digital impression solution package to fit your practice.